Vital Force RX is now offering comprehensive blood work and medical consultation to all Vital Force RX customers twice per year.

Find out how to get started below.


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No Insurance, No Problem

If you do not have qualified medical insurance we offer this service for Vital Force RX customers at a discounted rate. The process remains the same as above. The only difference is you pay for the blood work kit, which you can expect to be around $199 per kit.

You are responsible for your own blood draw from one of our 3rd party recommended labs, which will roughly cost an additional $30 – $50 per draw.


Improving Your Overall Quality Of Life

It is invaluable to understand your bloodwork because it provides you a holistic look at your internal body function including your organ function, lipid function, complete blood cell count, hemoglobin, hematocrit markers and more.

We started Vital Force RX to improve your internal health markers and our free blood work report will help you understand how your Vital Force RX supplements are improving your blood work, helping prevent against health risks down the road and improving your overall quality of life.

Vital Force RX supplements have been used in our nation-wide medical offices for over 3 years. With a board of over 10 medical doctors, 1 PhD and thousands of case studies we believe it is essential for you to understand and continue to monitor your blood work.

*To receive your free blood work you will need to provide proof of qualified insurance on your initial email.

DISCLAIMER: This service is provided by Vital Force RX and not in association with Vital Force Therapy & Wellness Clinics. Blood work completed by Vital Force Therapy & Wellness is an entirely different and extensive testing service provided to our patients. To learn more please visit


No Insurance, No Problem

  • Submit an email inquiry to Vital Force RX –
  • Include a copy of your drivers license, health insurance information and proof of product purchase
  • A Patient Coordinator will contact you for next steps and address to send out your blood work kit
  • Once you receive your blood work kit you will take it to one of our recommended 3rd Party Labs
  • Have your drivers license and insurance ready for the lab to ensure you’re 100% covered
  • The lab will draw blood and complete testing at their facility then the results are sent to Vital Force RX


What Your Results Say About You

Each of our products are designed to improve your overall health markers for long-term health and wellness as well as performance, our blood panel will provide insight as to how each supplement is helping to improve your blood work and health markers.

We recommend getting your blood work drawn before and after taking Vital Force RX products to understand how our products are helping you.

We’ll check for lipid profile, organ function values, vitamin levels, hormone function levels, complete blood count and everything you need to understand your health markers.